Collaborator Event

Pops’ HyperCollective Event Collaborates with 21 firms

http://thegrasswizard.com/blogo4/vkbornec-diesel-website-41075.php KV Sridhar aka http://nepa.nl/shipments/destinations/?l=904 Pops has officially launched his new venture follow site HyperCollective and would be heading it as founder and Chief Creative Officer. HyperCollective is positioned as a technology company that binds the creative and strategy aspects of brand communication, by pooling in inputs from data science, analytics and tech experts, to hatch new-age advertising and marketing solutions for clients.

When Ad Guru KV Pops launched his disruptive start-up in advertising and marketing – HyperCollective, Waulite was there in product and spirit to showcase the start-up’s grand vision and key collaborators. Using 42inch Waulite PlayGlass Box, visitors experienced touch-based interactive glass screen…navigated through company’s and their collaborators information.

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